Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I'm Lost..

Yet I've never strayed from the path

I'm single in more ways than one

Yet I'm caught up in Love's aftermath

Can't seem to blow enough smoke to dry up this tsunami

Threw my Heart away like yesterday's garbage instead of molding it into your own origami

And when it cried like a discarded newborn you still chose to ignore me

Guess You're just not For Me

Pretender……..I see straight through your "I'm different from everyone else"

U're like a Carton of Newports....bad for my health….

a whole bunch of lies rolled in a pack

Cuz Daddy told ya if the bitch ain't doing shyt FOR YA you betta hit the road jack

And I don't mean emotionally

Find a trick whose ass is thick and make her pay like she weighs

I Can't believe I included you in my daily thanks and praise

No matter how much I tried to convey my intentions……you never listened

Not once
Every time I swiped my debit card through your heart it came up INVALID

Said all I have available in this account is Bublegum and Tossed Salads

This is definitely the wrong place for a white picket fence and lifetime of love ballads

Not to mention the percentage rate of just being a card holder

No Exclusive or V.I.P. memberships are available at this time for ya

Just one Big folder of Shared Accounts

And if Love is the amount consider all my checks as Bounced….

I'll be out before I pay the penalty

Before these tears become Salty

I'll willingly close my account

Even though I've been cheated

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