Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Cupid's Meteors in the direction of my Universe...

He keeps shooting Cupid's Meteors in the direction of my Universe

Every night We play Tag across Spring night Stars until the Moon gives birth

To the Sun

And in the end we're both still unable to piece together just who's won

the game was rigged from the beginning ….. There was electrical tape over the Coin Insert Slots… and a sign that read out of order on His Controller…still we both chose to play anyways

both curious to see just what this game would pay………...if we both would win

He tore the electrical tape off and rigged my coin slot with the bobby pin he held in his pants

I ripped the Out of Order sign off of His Controller …since he was willing I figured I might as well take a chance …on this game of Impossibilities

And without any conflict the game started willingly …we both took our stance and exchanged a silent glance of empathy for the loser

Little did we know that we would both turn out to be avid substance abusers in the end

And right now I'm trying sooo hard to pretend I don't feel this graze made by the ricochet of one of Cupid's Meteors ….either I….keep playing or give in ……but I'm caught up in this matrix and the game's not giving me the option to bring it to an end

Mama told me never to quit …but the effects of this particular hit has got Venus open to the 5th Element

Allow me to pause this game and regain my Insane-ity for the betterment ….of Us

Or at least until my bars replenish and my vision adjusts back to the state of clarity

Cause Cupid's Venom is blinding me and got me headed towards the Vortex of……of….ove

And my 7th sense is telling me to leave this particular board …..Undiscovered…find the nearest exit and run for cover

But I'm stuck and bound by the spell that Cupid's seemed to have put me under

Seeking Salvation

while wondering if Salvation has already found …Me

is it possible to submit both ways?

The Game of Impossibilities….seemingly never ends

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